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Top Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Ideas like artificial intelligence or data-driven marketing that were once considered ridiculous are now among the top trends used by the biggest businesses all over the world. Digital is the future and without utilizing state-of-the-art technological mediums businesses cannot make a mark for themselves.

Therefore in the twenty-first century, those who are excelling at digital marketing are employing all the modern techniques. Because of this, some trends have been taken up by my companies providing digital marketing services in Pakistan.

Some of these trends for the year 2021 are as follows:

1. Personalization

When there is so much content to consume, the personalization of content is everything. It takes an average user literally a few seconds before they hop on to the next post, or search result. How do you expect to make an impression among a generation with such a short attention span? You need to personalize the content that reaches your audience. Prime examples are Netflix and Amazon. Thanks to these sites, everyone knows how much does a user values having a personalized experience.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already making its place in most services. In digital marketing as well, it is increasing in its importance. The most common utilities of AI in digital marketing can be related to product recommendations, content creation, basic communication, email personalization, and lastly but most importantly, e-commerce transactions.  


3. Influencer Marketing

Just like you believe things to be good when your peer tell you so, in the same way, influencer marketing uses word-of-mouth as a marketing tool. Brands across the world are adopting this strategy. It is the easiest way to spread the word about your product if you want your product to become a pet name among your audience. Therefore, companies providing Digital Marketing Services are focusing on this top trend to keep their clients on the top of the game.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a common marketing technique in today’s world. The trend is there to stay for the coming decade or so, as people enjoy short videos more than long texts. There video marketing is gaining traction as a trend in the world of digital marketing. Even consumer surveys suggest that consumers feel more confident about buying a product after watching a descriptive product video.

5. Social Messaging Apps

Billions of people use Facebook and WhatsApp each within a month. What does that suggest? Social messaging apps are way too popular to take for granted for marketing. Most brands with sound brand strategies are using social messaging apps for accentuating their digital strategy. You can do the same by providing a personalized customer experience and in return get help from customers in the form of feedback.

Digital is your Future too!

Are you an emerging business looking forward to market yourself as the next best product or service in the market? Well, make sure you get in touch with an agency providing Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan that is experienced, reliable and creative in its approach towards digital marketing.

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