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PHP is a server side language that connects the User Interface of your web application to the backend, the database and admin panel. PHP is the language that makes your web application functional. These days 82% of the websites are being built with PHP through one way or another. The frameworks you hear about like WordPress, CodeIgnitor, Laravel, and Drupal etc, are based on PHP. Having a core PHP website means that you want everything on your website to be built from scratch, the UI, the database and admin panel everything. This has the advantage of getting all things custom made and according to your requirements. If you are looking to get a particularly complex website developed that is super secure and having unique logics then you got to go with core PHP. Other benefits that makes PHP a good language to opt for your website are;

  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Easier to make updates
  • No restrictions or limitations on functionalities or logic

Seven Koncepts has developers who already have a strong portfolio of PHP based projects, which they have worked on for other clients. The good thing about working with Seven Koncepts is, that our developers will build an application for you which you can edit to your needs at any time, without re-hiring a developer.

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