Laughter, Gratitude and Loads of Fun – A Stress-Relieving Activity at Seven Koncepts

All organizations aim to make a mark in the business world. It is, however, most important how the desired output is achieved. For us at Seven Koncepts, true success is that which resonates with the core strength of our company – the employees. In order to rejuvenate Seven Koncepts’ members from the daily stress due to hectic routine, an energizing session with the ever-jubilant, Ms. Yasmin Butt – founder of The Support Group – was conducted on Friday, May 4, 2018.The session consisted of amazing fun activities for team-building, enhancing communication skills and boosting problem solving capabilities among employees.

Unexpected Joy: Laughter Therapy

Relieving stress is integral for better performance, and what better way to relieve stress than through laughter? Everyone joined in on a session full of hilarity and joy as Ms. Yasmin demonstrated the power that laughter has in relieving tension from our bodies, relieving the burdens of stress and breaking ice among the organization members. What’s more? Laughter in the form of a systematic therapy helps build up strength in the lungs, which are a core support system in the respiratory working of the body.Fun and fit, we found the session incredibly entertaining, ice breaking and stress-relieving.

Happiness Booster: Gratitude Exercise

They say, “It is not the happy people who are thankful, it is the thankful people who are happy.” As part of the gratitude exercise, team members sat in a circle paying gratitude to the people in their livesand themselves by sharing their personal yet inspiring real life stories. As positive as this session was on an individual basis, it also helped build deep respect in the hearts and minds of everyone for each other. We are all unique and gifted, and have so many positive things to share with the world and each other. Uplifted by the positive energy, we proceeded to even deeper retrospection and relaxation in the meditation session.

Guided Meditation – a bliss

Blissful, relaxing and deeply de-stressing guided meditation plunged us into the subconscious to help soothe mental scars and psychological knots. Ms. Yasmin guided the meditation session in a gradual exercise which deeply relaxed the over-worked minds, squeezed out the tension off our souls and rejuvenated mental health.

The Human Knot

The human knot was a physical thrill in order to encourage team building among employees. Taking example from teamxl‘s success, the human knot employees had to hold hands in a criss-cross fashion and then attempt to meld the group to stand in a circle. The challenge in human knot – you cannot let go off the grip on each other’s hands. Challenging but highly fun, this exercise aimed at instilling problem solving skills, integrating the importance of team work and being patient at the same time.
Human knot demonstrates that each and every employee matters; you cannot loosen the knot by ignoring a single hand. Moreover, working together as a team is pivotal to solving any problem. And above all, stressing will lead nowhere; it is the level-headed thinking which paves way to loosening knots in real life, and everything then comes full-circle!

Shrinking Vessel

Need space? Feel life needs to give you more room to accommodate your demands? Try the shrinking vessel exercise! Employees had to stand in a loop formed by using a rope. Steadily, the circle was made gradually smaller by tying knot higher up on the rope. The members accommodate themselves in this tight circle instilling that when you have limited resources, you have to manage it within the available resources and bring each other up no matter how you feel about them. This crazy, fun-filled activity taught an important life lesson – minimalism: both in demands and resources. It is how well we can work with what we have and make the most of it that becomes a benchmark for our performance.

Encouragement via Praise Exercise

Ms. Yasmin explained the concept from the best-selling book “The One Minute Manager” about the importance of praise in a working environment. Contrary to popular belief and practice, it is praise that elevates the performance of employees, not criticism. As part of the praise exercise, members were asked to write their names on a sheet of paper, fold them and place them in a pile at a table. They were then required to pick these folded papers randomly, and write one positive thing about the person whose paper it was. As expected, this closing session boosted everyone’s morale – a highly uplifting end to a series of amazing sessions wonderfully headed by the talented, Ms. Yasmin Butt.

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