Latest go-to Digital Marketing Practices of Brands in Pakistan



Latest go-to Digital Marketing Practices of Brands in Pakistan

Digital marketing is a trend in itself all across the world among all kinds of businesses in the twenty-first century. If you are a business owner and want to catch up with the industry trends, you have landed on just the right page. When it comes to adopting a digital strategy, everyone will craft their own path and employ different means to achieve their goals. So there is no right fit to follow, instead, you have to explore the practices you can adopt for promoting your business and then cement your digital strategy.

Some of the practices being used widely by most businesses are as follows:

1.     Viral marketing

Thanks to social media platforms a meme format goes viral and an ordinary citizen suddenly rises to the heights of fame. Everyone knows about the ‘Chai Wala’ and then ‘Pawri ho rai hai’ trends that went viral and were quickly caught up by famous brands. Some brands use a viral meme format in their content while others notch it up and invest in getting endorsements by those viral figures featured in memes. The trend continues but such kind of marketing is not feasible in the longer term.

2.     Rise of eCommerce businesses

Since social media is made accessible to all kinds of content easier and the fact that platforms like Instagram do not charge anything to make a business profile, online businesses have mushroomed across Pakistan. While eCommerce has been on the rise owing to multiple factors in the past few years when 2020 happened, Pakistanis made something out of it and that is probably one thing they will surely remember 2020 for.

3.     Video Ads

A picture says a thousand words. If those words are in written format, no one waits for 10 seconds to read them before scrolling their screen past them. Digital marketers have made their way around that as well. Nowadays so many brands across Pakistan are basing their digital marketing strategy on inline video advertisements.

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4.     Influencer marketing

People actually listen to influencers and check the reviews of restaurants, fashions and beauty products, and apparel or footwear on their pages. Since people believe the influencers to be credible, and frankly some of them are credible, businesses have sorted it out and are capitalizing on that. If you want your budding business to grow, get in touch with an influencer now.

5.     Native Ads over non-native ads

While global ads work quite well for marketing purposes, but recently native ads meant for the local audience are making rounds across the internet for Pakistani users. Therefore it is safe to assume that native ads are gaining more traction over non-native ads in Pakistan’s digital marketing industry.

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