Corporate Identity

Managing your online reputation 365 days a year is our No. 1 priority. We monitor every move, we listen and report, we identify a crisis, we find solutions to problems, we react with the best services, we reciprocate to your needs – we help you build an empire.Online presence and reputation is the cornerstone of success for a big brand. However, it is a vital step in the ladder towards progress for smaller brands as well, who are trying to establish their domain in ecommerce. We at Seven Koncepts will become the architects, the engineers and the labor to help you build your dreams. We will make your brand visible for right audience and formulate an exponential growth plan for your business to succeed.

Our Brand Reputation Service Includes

Our techniques employ the latest marketing strategies for reach including ATL and BTL strategies.

  • Public Relations: Producing online content; including news, articles, features, case studies and pictorial content specially designed for your niche.
  • Media Relations: Media contact, press relations and media outreach.
  • Crisis Management: Creating protocols and SOPs, policy formation and implementation, preparation and management.
  • Content Production: Online and print generation, dissemination and distribution.
  • Reputation Management: Global business or corporate identity monitoring & reporting 24/7.

Contact us and we will give you individual customized solution for your business requirements.

What Do We Do Differently

Our promise is to deliver apex services at a personal level. Our heritage and experience in the industry and a mindset to develop and adapt to the latest techniques has helped us become leaders in our field. We use real-time alerts to supervise and deploy suitable actions set with the understanding of your brand, products or services. Your confidentiality is vital to us. We hold this bond with our clients with non-disclosure agreements to safeguard their interests.

We at Seven Koncepts (Pvt.) Ltd. will help you to establish a unique corporate identity that will increase the worth of your brand.

Contact us and we will give you individual customized solution for your business requirements.