Responsive Web Designing

Responsive website design can easily adapt to any form factor the website is displayed on. Whether it’s a tablet or smartphone or a desktop PC. These websites can work fluidly on any display size and resolutions. Responsive designs are getting quite popular these days, and became a necessity for web development.


This designing method facilitate a better solution for the disintegration of web devices. The Important part is to create a chain of scalable designs for specific group of devices by utilizing scaling images and flexible grids.

Instead of creating separate websites with separate interfaces or creative elements, it’s better to develop a responsive site that can adjust and scale the layers. Which are merely for presentation.


  • Good for introducing mobile viewers to your website (Since there are thousands of mobile users, literally).
  • Takes less development time and cost.
  • Website is fluid on all devices


  • Website loose a bit of desktop functionalities.
  • You must have to re-design your entire website if your website isn’t already responsive. Which is very difficult and confusing for current users.

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