Message from the CEO

I started off as an developer and gained expertise in other languages like PHP and JAVA. I have more 14 years of experience in IT. My inclination towards digital marketing lead me to start my own venture. I cofounded Seven Koncepts Pvt. Ltd. With Sumera Wacker and assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2012. Seven Koncepts has come a long way from where it started. Seven Koncepts today is amongst Pakistan’s leading companies specializing in developing websites and digital marketing services. We have come from humble beginnings but hard work and faith in our employees has given the company great recognition. I have always believed that a company prospers only if there exists a sense of ownership in the employees and Seven Koncepts prides its employees for that.

Here at Seven Koncepts we operate on the principles of equality, honesty and mutual respect. Throughout my professional career I have religiously followed these values and now they are embraced at my company. Seven Koncepts stands out from its competitors not just because of its products and services but also because of its inclination to form long lasting customer relationships and the will to go out of the way to best satisfy its customers. I have always believed that skills take you only so far but attitude takes you places. Today as the CEO of the company I dedicated the growth of the company so far to a dedicated attitude than superior skills.

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