How long will it take to complete your website

A frequent question that is asked from a web developer is: ‘how long is it going to take you to make this website?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

It depends on various factors:

  •         How big is the website?
  •         How many pages?
  •         Is the content ready or needs to be written?
  •         How quick is the approval process at your end?
  •         Vacations and national holidays
  •         What kind of features will be included in the website?
  •         having one of the key client contacts busy in other work
  •         Scope changes in the middle of the project. This usually involves redesign.
  •         Are you hiring a website development firm or are you building a site using a template?

 A company with less business will be able to get your work done more quickly however a good company delivering high quality work is going to be in high demand.  If any of the companies you approach for web development suggests that they can deliver your project in substantially less time than the others then beware!

 Building a new website from scratch is not an easy task, for both the hired company and the client.  As a client you have to gather content, review deliverables, provide feedback, respond to questions and test the site.

50% of the projected time frame is the amount of time it takes for the designer and client to exchange content of the website such as text, photos, media etc. This 70% also includes approval processes including layout approval, text proofreading, testing links and functions, log in procedures, plus a whole lot more.

Web Development itself takes up about 50% including the design layout, setting up the host server and domain name, adding features & content, and technical testing of the site.

With good client cooperation a rough estimate to live date on an average web projects should allow for 8-12 weeks from the time that the project kicks off to the time the website launches.   For a complex website it can take 6 months or longer.

Completing a project in less time is possible but we recommend having a timeline that is reasonable, realistic and achievable.

These are above mentioned time frames are estimates only.  Mostly clients go through a lengthy approval process with lots of stakeholders for each part of a project, and this has a major effect on the time to completion.

A good time saving way is to break the website project into phases that can be accomplished more quickly.

 Is there a way vendors and clients speed up timelines?

Yes of course!

  •         Establish a reasonable deadline and work backwards.
  •         Initiate work on your content from day one.
  •         Start integration discussions early in the project.
  •         Get approvals from senior staff on timely basis.
  •         Careful Pre-planning
  •         Lock the scope of work at the start of the project.

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