Digital Marketing Landscape of 2016 – Know What’s Changing

From 1995 to 2016, the number of Internet users increased from <1% to 39% while mobile phone users increased from 1% to 73%. Last year’s count of Internet users closed at 2.8 billion people and mobile phone users at 5.2 billion.

Internet has an impact to the different sectors of the economy. The most affected sector is the consumer sector followed by the business sector. The third affected sector is security and education at number 4.


The growth of Internet subscriptions is slow but steady. Every year, the number of subscription increases little by little. On the other hand, the number smartphone subscriptions increase quickly and steady compared to that of the Internet subscriptions.


Because of the evolving Internet trends, the advertisement formats are developing, too. Most advertisements are already optimized for mobile phones and contain interactive content usually using a video clip. For example, Google now shows products in-store nearby and Facebook now allows you to scroll right on you timeline to view multiple photos posted by a single person.

Buy buttons

Buy buttons are also now being used according to the observation of Internet trends. Google, Facebook, and Twitter uses buy button to make it easier for you to buy the products you see on the Internet.

Screen orientation

Orientation of the screens while viewing a video was also included when studying Internet trends. It was found out that only 2.8 hours every day are spent using vertical screen and the rest is used using horizontal screen. This knowledge of Internet trend would be helpful especially if you are planning on putting up an advertisement on the Internet.
Studying Internet trends also showed that full screen vertical video advertisements on Snapchat are also getting on. It has 9x higher completion rate compared to horizontal mobile video advertisements.


The growth of Internet also gave birth to Domo. Josh James created Domo and it has improved access to real-time data. This has help users save time and improve decision-making through easy access to data charts.

Another Internet trend for 2016 is DocuSign by Tom Gosner. This application allows its users to sign documents on their touch-screen gadgets. This Internet trend reduces transaction costs and the time it consumes.
Greenhouse by Daniel Chait is a recruiting Internet trend created to improve time-to-hire and the overall hiring costs.

In terms of Internet trends on messaging applications by usage, Facebook is coming out at number 1 followed by WhatsApp. However, Internet trend on messaging applications by sessions is telling a different story. KakaoTalk is at number 1 followed by WhatsApp. Communicating via mobile messaging is turning out to be a convenient thing.
Today’s messaging applications are asynchronous yet instant. There are a lot of messaging applications trending today that offers different features. Because of this, people have different applications which they use for different and various purposes.

Internet trends in terms of notifications are also growing rapidly. Just this year, Apple released Apple Watch. It is a gadget you wear as watch, and other than being a watch, also functions as your tie to social media networking. Without having to check your computers or phones, you can still receive notifications.


Facebook usage among 12-24-year old Americans decreased to 74% this year from 80% last year. And as it turns out, the most important social network for teens, as of Spring of 2015, is Instagram, which came out at 32%.
Internet growth surely just keeps on getting more and more convenient. There are a lot of innovations in a year and Internet trends’ shows different results from time to time.

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